StratAgree™ – Testimonials

We don’t like to brag. So, we’ll let our clients do it for us:

Jim Marous
“I have known Alpine Jennings for more than a decade and he is one of the best product and marketing leaders in the business. Never to shy away from a business challenge, Alpine’s ability to build a knowledgable foundation for decision making and innovation is outstanding.

With experience in all retail banking product areas, Alpine has the ability to look at the ‘big picture’ while understanding the micro perspective needed in today’s banking industry.

He is one of the industry’s veterans who had kept pace with the rapid changes in the industry and can provide a perspective that only a select group of financial industry leaders can provide.”

Brent Kelly
“Bob Dorn provided outstanding leadership and insight that led to superior acquisition and cross sell results including a 2012 Stevie Award for best marketing campaign.”

John Witkowski
“One of the toughest challenges banks face is getting production from the branch staff. Appointment University’s activity approach deals with this issue head on…and does so without pressuring existing customers. The program builds a culture that allows free flowing conversation and is worth its weight in gold to banking institutions, but more importantly to their customers.”

Randy Weinberg
“Alpine Jennings is an excellent decision maker, with sound business judgment. He has deep experience and knowledge across the full range of consumer and small business products and he applies this expertise in developing effective strategies for growth, cross sell and customer retention. Alpine is also a strong relationship builder and leader, who inspires those who work with and for him, to deliver their best work.”

Daniel Cantara
“Bob Dorn’s leadership and creativity were instrumental in helping the organization utilize customer analytics to identify and maximize growth opportunities.”

Lou Nucherino
“Appointment University™ has been a huge asset in helping us develop and train our existing and new advisors as we continue to expand the reach of our organization.”