Diebold has created an ATM that is screenless and doesn’t use ATM cards. How does it work, you ask? You use your smartphone!

Using your smartphone you preschedule pickups of cash. When you get near the ATM it identifies you by the near field communication (NFC) chip on your phone. And then confirms your identity through other means, like an eye scan.

This new ATM is being shown at a trade show this week in Las Vegas and Citi has begun testing them in a few areas. However, it could be years before an ATM like this becomes the standard. Several banks have been trying to develop and test cardless ATMs for years. But so far none have done a large-scale test of such a machine.

Yet someday a screenless, cardless ATM may become the norm.

For the full article from Consumerist, and a picture of what one of these ATMs look like, click here.