Pricing Optimization

StratAgreeâ„¢ – Pricing Optimization

To maximize your net interest income while protecting customer relationships, use PROTECTâ„¢.

It has been nearly ten years since the last rising rate environment. Pricing optimization is critical to protect your bottom line but too much has changed in the industry and technology to apply data from 10 years ago.

Now that the Fed has made its first move, it’s time for you to make yours. We can help you prepare for rising rates by building you a data framework to capture customer activity and the data necessary to feed an elasticity rate model. We stand ready to house it and repurpose it for a variety of other needs. When we have gathered enough data points (6-9 months), we can then use it to model customer rate sensitivity. With these results, you will have the insight to determine which customer groups will be seeking interest rate advantages and you’ll be able to measure the impact on net income.


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